Making Offers to Help People

I’m working towards 100K in 6 months.

I was listening to Stacey Baehman’s podcast and her concept of creating content vs. creating clients. She made it apparent that we need to be selling(making offers to help people) all the time and that a lot of times we just hide behind creating content and hoping clients will come.

However, part of my marketing strategy is content creation. I have a podcast that is building traction and getting people to reach out to me. However, I’ve only made one client from it. But I have faith it will create more because I am making it very valuable and creating value ahead of time.

I’m also taking other massive actions like reaching out to all my new Instagram followers, offering to help them, and offering to help people that reach out to me. I offer a free consult and I make it clear it is a consult for coaching but they can still gain value from it, even if they aren’t interested in coaching. I have a webinar coming out in a week to drive sales. 10 people have signed up. I’m advertising my coaching on my podcast and Instagram. I’m getting featured on other podcasts and bringing guests on.

The question is, am I spinning my wheels? I’m about 2 weeks in of actively and aggressively trying to take massive action that’s outside of my podcast (podcast has been out for almost 3 months). Should I be doing more to make offers? Should I just be reaching out to rando’s as well who haven’t reached out to me? Is there some very obvious way to do online selling that I’m missing?

I’m trying to be patient and believe that I am putting value out into the world and it will come back to me. I’m solving for a niche that is very important and lots of people have been reaching out and thanking me for my free work. I guess I’m second-guessing myself a lot.

So apologies for the scattered question. If you have any thoughts on what I could do or if there’s something I am missing, I would greatly appreciate it.