Making offers to someone I just met

Yesterday I met a woman in a park while our children were playing together. We chatted and I told her I’m a coach specialized in helping artists get the results they want. She is a sound editor for the movie industry, and she told me that her husband left her and her daughter six months ago.

I talked about coaching, and I explained how it works and how it can help her in every aspect of her life, explaining some of the concepts. She seemed really interested, and I was glad to see that she looked much more hopeful when we left each other. I took her mail and number, and left her mine. I was really happy that I was the one starting the conversation, to show up as a professional coach, and to help her.

But then I questioned myself: I remembered Stacey Boehman’s three step process (meet people, tell them you’re a coach and make an offer) and I felt like maybe I should have made an offer right away, which I didn’t because it felt like not the right timing, and much too soon, unnatural and “salesy.”

And that if she is interested in working with me, she has now all the information she needs and she’ll let me know. And I wondered if it’s a thought that I should evaluate more closely… I feel like I would have shown up as “attached” if I made an offer straight away, and I prefer to trust the process and be confident that she will come to me whenever she feels ready to start the work.
Can I have your insight about this?
Thank you!