Making offers without content or an audience

I was listening to Stacey Boehman’s podcast on creating content vs creating clients and what I took away was, in the beginning, it may not be a good use of time to be creating blogs, social media, posts etc. Instead I should be finding people and telling them what I do and if they want to work with me.

But I have a very small audience right now on social media, mostly on IG ~249 followers with many not in my niche. I don’t have an email list or use my personal FB page. My initial thoughts were to build my IG by posting more, try to offer a talk to other groups but requires creating a presentation. I have 9 people on my email list and was going to start sending a newsletter. But none of these are offers and I’m not sure how to make them without creating some kind of content first.

What would be examples of ways to make immediate offers to people when you’re new?