Making sure your new CEO is the right fit for you, your company and your performance expectations.

I just completed listening to your podcast on shyness…and at the end you shared your intention to bring on a CEO. You also mentioned that you recently made a list of the attributes you are looking for your new leader. This sparked a thought…..

I have been certified to assist companies (my niche is Dental manufacturers and distributors) to hire high performing professionals using a series of scientific assesssment tools. Not personality tests—but actual talent analysis tools. We’ve been doing this work for 25 years and the result our clients have enjoyed are quite impressive. These tools are used by millions of large and small companies throughout the world—in fact, they are considered the Gold Standard in industrial talent assesssments.

Your work and SCS’s has offered so much value in my life and my work that I want to turn the tables on you and be a blessing to you and your company. I will work with you and Chris to benchmark your CEO job then assess the candidates you are seriously considering before you hire them. We will deliver to you a report showing exactly how well (or well not) each candidate compares to your specific job requirements. A match in skills to the job means a new hire will ramp up much faster, be much more productive and enjoy the job much more than a person who is a lesser match.

At minimum, you will gain insights that you would not have been able to discern without this service. I am happy to provide you with people and references who will in summary advise to ‘NEVER hire someone again without this intelligence and information. The cost of making a bad hire are simply much too high…especially for a small company with BIG growth goals!’

I am available to chat more, to answer any questions and provide detail on how the benchmarking process and assesssment process works.

Warm Regards,
Anita Sirianni