Making the money back

I’m due to start certification this week, and I cannot wait.
I have been thinking that I would love to make my money back through during the first 6 months of the course.

CCP has been a big investment for me, and money is somewhat uncertain for me right now as a lot of my clients in my current business (I’m an artist) are being very cautious, so I haven’t worked in a while. I know these are thoughts ‘money is uncertain’ and ‘my clients are being cautious’ but I am struggling with a scarcity mindset right now.

My question is do you think it is unreasonable or that I would be putting too much pressure on myself if I start charging for coaching inside the first 6 months of the course? I have never coached before. Should I give myself space to learn without putting pressure on myself to get paying clients, perhaps I try other ways to make money in the meantime?