Making the transition to full time with a toddler

I’ve had a 6 figure coaching business since 2015 and I became a single mom right before the pandemic started. I hadn’t finalized any of my divorce yet so I wasn’t getting any child support. So I put my business on hold for a few months while we were in lock down to take care of my daughter and tried to keep up the best I could with freelance work. Now, for stability I’ve been working 15 hours a week doing freelance work to pay my basic expenses and I want to transition back into coaching full time and then scale my company. I’m struggling with the time aspect. I work Saturday – Tuesday and take care of my daughter Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. A portion of that time goes to my freelance work and taking care of my home, groceries etc. It seems like a catch 22 right now – I need to make the freelance money to pay expenses, but I need more time to grow my company. Do you have any insight or a perspective shift I can make to think about how to start making that transition? Thank you so much!