Managing Employee

I hired a virtual project manager (PM) in August and he still isn’t doing his job 1/2 of the time. Sometimes he does what is needed and sometimes it is not done at all or just 1/2 ass. When I have the conversations with him then he steps it up for a couple of weeks and then starts to fall off again. We use a project management system to communicate with team members and clients so everything can be viewed at any given time. This is to track tasks, client assets, schedules, etc. As the PM, his job is to be that cog in the wheel to make sure everyone has what they need. I have daily tasks and documentation for this person on how to achieve this job. When I hired the person and when I have a call (not doing your job call) with him, I need to repeat how critical this position is to the success of the company. Last week one of my clients expressed frustration in the process that he was experiencing with project management and that is when I realized I need to fix this situation…. quickly. One example that made my head spin this week is that we record all of our sessions and his job is to create “meeting minutes” to summarize the call so that everyone knows what they are doing. This week he decided to just post the recordings. No summarize, just the recording. He had not good reason for not doing his job.

C: Employee consistently not doing his job.
T: Why isn’t it getting done? Is he working on other projects for someone else? How can this not get done in 40 hours per week. I could do this in 5 hours. will the client be upset? Will this delay the project? Will it impact our billing cycle? Did I not specify how to do this already?
F: Frustration, Concern, anxious, upset, pissed off
A: Review via screen share what items didn’t get done, ask about why the processes weren’t followed? are you feeling sick? something in the way? do you need my help or what is preventing from getting things done? Is this not clear?
R: employee apologizes and things get better for a week or two – i”m sure he doesn’t feel good about the discussions and I surely don’t like to keep repeating myself.

Other Thoughts: does he need more training, more time? more guidance? now that we have had several months, I think he is not the right person for the job. Although I know he can do the work, it’s just not getting done.

The PM is engrained in all my processes and all my projects. I want a person that is going to manage the project department 100% with almost no oversight from me so I can go out and grow the business. Ideally if I could get him to do the work, that would be great but now I don’t trust him, big problem. I had a very stern call with him this morning and said one more month – if this isn’t right for you, just let me know but if this persists we will be making a change.

Am I doing this right?