Manufacturing scarcity and urgency

Hi Brooke

I’m launching my new online course and in the past have used ‘best practice’ urgency and scarcity tactics to drive my audience to enrol, specifically offering a special pre-sale price before launch or offering bonuses that are only available for a limited time.

I know you are a proponent of having everyone pay the same amount and therefore do not use price to manufacture urgency. I would like to ask whether you intentionally create urgency or scarcity in other ways (open-close cart etc) or whether you just focus on increasing desire with results ahead of time (which of course is extremely important, regardless of whether urgency/scarcity is or isn’t involved).

During my last couple of launches, I was very much coming from scarcity both around money and self-worth and felt that the way I launched my courses wasn’t ‘true to me’ and I was trying to rush to success. I am grateful for the lessons those experiences have taught me. I am now questioning all the assumptions I’ve made about how to offer my online course to my audience (so I can intentionally choose my decisions again or choose something different) and willing to trust my own wisdom on what to try next.

I would love to hear what your approach to urgency and scarcity is with selling SCS.

Sam xx