I sell my coaching services 100% through organic and make offers via social media and emails.

I’m a women’s weight loss coach and in my third year of business – our revenue is $600k.

I’m in the process of reviewing our marketing methods and want to double down to double our revenue.

My brain convinced me that I need a “strategy” for my marketing now and I should be posting ongoing using a specific format with my past CTA’s that “work” and really dial in what I’ve been doing so I can be more efficient to actually double down.

If I’m going to create more copy I would like a streamlined process and to repurpose posts from the past that have “worked” to avoid spending time on new stuff. I do this myself with one other team member.

We create 50 pieces of copy a week and post to social plus email. Of those 50 posts 10 conversations convert to DM’s and 2 close in DM’s.

I found a template I like for my monthly marketing…my offer is open enrollment so staying consistent with testimonials and value ahead of time plus offers to join is a focus.

Looking at this new template, my brain immediately is going to “now this feels too rigid” and “it seems too simplified” as in, repeating these core principles and basics of my offer versus what I’ve been talking about up until this point which feels more “inspired” versus “organized”.

I guess what I’m noticing here is that I believe I can create 600k feeling inspired (but missing something) or 1.2 million feeling organized (but limited).

At what point am I misunderstanding marketing? It’s like – who cares about your inspired personal stuff, find out what they need and serve them!

That is at my core what I want to do – serve people – which is why if I ask myself, “why do you need a strategy for what you’ve been doing” the answer is to “deliver my brilliance in a wholesome way… so that she understands and buys”.