Marketing a coaching/consulting business- social media presence.


It is super overwhelming to see all these coaches and their posts. Is the only way to build an online business the aggressive social media marketing and selling I see in various Facebook groups? It seems like everyone “friends” you to sell something?
Are there are others ways to begin your coaching/consulting business? It is overwhelming to see how much content some of these more “senior” folks who have been doing it for some time are putting out. And it feels really scary to start. I feel overwhelmed and don’t feel anywhere close to being able to produce that quality of production and volume of content. It scares me from even starting.

What is your advice for someone starting out- transitioned from another career that is no longer fulfilling, slowly learning the social media piece but nowhere near as proficient- how do we start out and build a business?

And is this something that is taught in the life coach certification program? How to start and build your business?
Thank you for the wonderful support! 🙂