Marketing external versus internal

I find that as my writing evolves and I start to market my business better my pillars and core values (niche) are getting clearer. I speak to these differently now when I market.

While I love how much clearly I am speaking on the problems I see, my offer, and how I can help, this makes me think that I now need to change the inside to now match the outside. As in, if in my marketing is saying it like xyz it should be found as xyz inside.

I feel like my program is 3 years old and dusty and my marketing is new and shiny and because I’m saying simple and clear things out there it should be simple and clear inside. Which, it is, but could be more aligned with how I speak now. The problem is that this is so much work to do an overhaul of my stuff and is it even necessary?! Can my program be enough as it was created and my marketing shiny and new?

It’s interesting that I look at the external and internal as separates. Would it be beneficial to stop doing that?