Marketing/ from bere?

So, I teach handstands and circus arts, acro & eventually yoga…..
I have a website that I will keep working at as far as interface, look, vibe, marketing. I plan to add a email offering soon and develop more for rotation. I have zero for a marketing funnel at this time – I don’t think?
I do post to social media as a driver to my website…..
I am just posting content to keep that going right now-  For when marketing infrastructure is there.

I did 3 workshops earlier this year that were poorly attended….. again need marketing actions (that is not my knowledge area atm)

I do a ton if word of mouth at every opportunity….
I currently do not have funds to put into it – even for biz cards atm

Could you offer any thoughts, ideas for where I am?? I know I can bring in money…..

I also have a couple other businesses or things I’ll be offering.  Such as  a honey product (no money to even make a batch to hustle) and I am going to go through the coaching program as soon as I can but I started offering myself as intuitive life coach…. but don’t have it offered anywhere yet online only word of mouth – I keep offering free coaching minis to random people I encounter (thru mobile networking as a lyft driver) thinking maybe they’ll spread the word & I can pick up some word of mouth…..

Right now what I know to do is work on list building, make website better more functional,
Should I make biz cards? Anything else I can do at this juncture?
I mostly work j.o.b.s to bring in income.