Marketing Funnel – follow on emails

I’ve been running FB ads for several weeks now.  I have 48 subscribers registered in Aweber.
I’m using single opt-in.

I want to describe my follow-on email situation and the response to it, and I’ll appreciate any feedback you may have.

The open rate of the first email is only 53%, with 30% of those clicking the link to get the document. However I give them access to the document via the Thank You page after they register (enter their name and email) so this probably explains why many of them don’t bother with the email. I can’t see that this is a problem; I’ve got their address and they’ve got my content, so all is good. What are your thoughts on this?

My follow on series has the following email headers:
1 Resources and Life Coaching for Anger
2 Think Different Thoughts?
3 Thoughts or Circumstances
4 Changing Thoughts
5 Changing Thoughts Part 2

I customize the header with the user’s first name in messages 1 and 5, as in ‘Hi NAME’

The opening rate of the follow on email #1 is 0 %. For all of the others its about 19%. From my research of benchmarks, this is not great, but seems not to be horrible.

In all of the messages, I invite the reader to reply via email to open a dialog. I have a link to my website in all of them as well.

In the last two I include a link to my online scheduling tool and invite them to schedule a mini-session. In one of the messages I have a sentence inviting them to visit my website and blog for more content.

The content of all of these message expands on the teaser info in the freebie and offers some further info (just a few short paragraphs) that essentially talk about parts of the model and how to apply it.

Thus far my click rate for all of these emails is 0%, so no one has been inspired to dig in further.

FWIW here’s a link to the freebie.

I realize that this is a lot of info and a pretty vague request. Thanks so much for your help.