Marketing template?!

When I create content for the week to market my business my thought is that it feels unorganized and all over the place. It feels like I’m starting over each week with what to say

I’m in my third year of business and have made $800k+ so far. All from organic. It’s amazing!

I create content for my social media and my email list and steer prospects to DM me where I close sales. All in DM’s no sales calls.

My belief is that there should be a template or sequence now at this point in my business for how I speak and target leads. We have several “assets in our vault” of free materials to market too. We write 2 posts per day for social and 3-5 emails per week, and I’m stuck thinking “there has to be a better way” so I’m not “starting over” each week

I spend HOURS creating this content. And of course I repurpose some, but I heard Brooke coach someone recently saying “it’s too much value and could be overwhelming” and this made me think the same is true for me.

Of course my obsession in finding a template has passed me from writing copy… but I feel it’s a worthwhile investment of my time to actually figure this out so every week, like today, I’m not staring at a blank page trying to get into my avatars head and writing Willy nilly (even though my Willy nilly is AMAZING LOL)