Massive action on one task or ‘medium actions’ on many tasks?


I am working on my entrepreneurial project: philosophy workshops for kids. I am just beginning.
I have multiple ideas with different topics that may interest different groups.
Wondering if I should focus on ONE topic that will attract one community for a time (a week, a month, for medium term?). This is a niche for one group that may be interested in other topics later. Or, should I, in the meantime (therefore split my time), prospect for other clients less narrowly to make sure I am reaching out to clients. But basically, the job is the same, it is just that the topic is more oriented to one community that may be interested.

So basically, massive action until I get clients from that community? or split between the 2? I’m afraid that it may take me more time, be less efficient and none will succeed if I do a bit here and there.

What do you advise? Thanks.