Massive Action vs Have to Work Hard

One of my limiting beliefs has been that I HAVE TO WORK HARD TO SUCCEED. I didn’t mind having this belief in my younger days but now at age 57 it just feels exhausting …maybe because I remember how hard I had to work to create the success I had. I worked as a consultant and billed by the hour. I made more when I worked more. I worked A LOT. I don’t want to work that hard and long anymore. I don’t mind working hard, per se, or kicking but to achieve a goal but I don’t want to work hard forever. I’d want to be smart enough to work 4-days a week and make a wonderful income. I want to figure out how to adopt a value based billing approach and create some passive income streams. My new chosen belief is “I get to do creatively fulfilling work (writing, designing, content creation, and teaching) that feeds my soul and provides an abundant income.” When I hear Brooke talk about taking “Massive Action” is sounds like the same thing as “I have to work hard to succeed.” Is it the same thing? And if so, do I just need to suck it up and accept that I will always have to work hard to succeed and maintain success?
Thank you,