Massive action vs wait for online coach training

Hello, I listened to the Business Q&A call recording and got very good tips thank you. However, in more than one instance Corinne suggested to wait until taking the coach training, I would prefer to take Massive Action and start writing a blog, posting on facebook, talking to potential clients who are interested in the program, etc, asap being fully aware that we (I have a business partner) may not convert any clients yet and that we will fail many times before the practice takes off. I feel that we need to start now and start learning from our mistakes.

What do you think about that? Can you be more specific about why it would be better to wait until taking the coach training? Fyi – I am new to scholars but my business partner who will be the coach in our practice has worked with one of Brooke’s Master Coach before and will be taking the coach training soon. Thanks.