Maternity Leave?

Hi there! I’m wondering how to set up maternity leave as I’m due to have my first baby in 6 weeks? I have a small coaching business and am currently in the August CCP (we start the Entrepreneur track 4 days after my due date). I’d like to take a 6-week leave from work besides continuing with CCP as I have no idea what to expect in these early postpartum days. I just had someone sign up for a mini-session and while I’m excited to grow my business, I hesitate to sign a new client as I don’t want to inconvenience her by interrupting her progress with a 6-week maternity leave. Here’s one of my models on this:

C: Maternity leave from coaching business
T: I’ll be inconveniencing clients
F: Guilt
A: Don’t try to grow business, think about my feelings over the needs of clients, indulge in confusion, avoid honest communication, try to muscle through (business as usual)
R: Not serving clients to the best of my ability

In looking at this, I can see that there’s no one right answer. Honesty is the best policy and I’ll have to decide what I want to do. I guess I’m just curious what other coaches have done and to see if there’s another way to look at it.