Maximizing networking events

I went to a networking event last week and was proud of how I showed up. Concurrently, I want to maximize every opportunity that I’m in front of someone new and increase the likelihood of continuing a conversation after the event that could lead to an exploratory session.

I gave my contact info to three people at the event. I’m a life coach and as I talked with one person he clearly communicated his current dissatisfactions. I told him I can help with that and if he’s serious about working with a coach to experience satisfaction in these areas, then give me a call. He immediately texted me, “Hello, it’s so and so.” So now I have his contact info too.

What do I do next? I’m thinking I may follow up on Monday, maybe ask him if he’s had a chance to think about our conversation. Maybe find out a bit more about him. I don’t even know if he’s someone I would WANT to coach at this point.

Oh here’s a thought I just caught, “You don’t have any clients right now. Beggars can’t be choosers. Work with anyone you can help.”

I gave my card to two other women. I asked them interested questions and got a feel for an area where one of them struggles. I told her how I would work with her to help alleviate that struggle. I had to leave so I didn’t implore further with possible areas of struggle with the second woman. But she gave me a snapshot of what she’s up to now.

I was intentional about not taking down both of their info. A couple of models I’m working with (and really like) are:
• I’m so irresistible that of course clients will reach out to me.
• Look at how magnetic I am; these people are gonna keep thinking about me after this meeting and they will reach out to me.

I felt good about just giving them my card and believing I left an impression because I showed up magnetic, confident, sexy, powerful, engaging, and interested. I totally represented my brand. It felt sweet to feel the congruence between the visuals of my branding and the way I show up in person.

At the same time, the doubter says, “You can’t grow a business by NOT getting people’s contact info. You might never hear from them again. At least when you get their info you can keep track of them and market to them.”

To this I guess I just say, “Yeah yeah, thank you for sharing.”

So now that I’ve written all this out here’s what I’ve come to: Each person is different and therefore, my communication will be different. Some people I will ask for their info and others I’ll just give mine.

I notice my mind wanting a standard script to follow. Here’s a “script”: Be interested. Be engaged. Be engaging. Love your outfit. Represent your brand well. Ask questions. Put the focus on the person. Stay open to and trust what intuition says about continuing the connection after the event.

Any insights and feedback you have, I welcome.