May Goal – 3k but unwilling to feel shame

I am a Life Coach and still figuring out my niche. I’m in belief now that I don’t need to have a niche in order to be a successful coach, though I know generally that I’d like to serve emotional eating, depression, and confidence as my topics. I’m certified, and this is my 3rd official month as a life coach. Last month I made a 1.5k. I had LOTS of shame around it.

I struggle with emotional eating and have finished the course there. I am working on protocol and getting fat adapted. I also just got a puppy.

Time-management wise, I feel strong. I got that part really well. I’m wondering how much space I should allow myself here though. I decided that weight-loss and not buffering is going to be my #1 goal.

I’d like to use my journey as a way to help my clients along the way. I see no reason why I cannot do both business and weight loss goals at the same time.

However, in a previous coaching session, what came up was that when I make posts and go into all the business stuff, I am resistant to feeling shame. That is why I don’t post, make offers, and tell people I’m a life coach as much as I “should.” I don’t want permission to lighten up on my goal of 3k. I’m committed. What I want to know is how to approach this.

I did the “get it done” course and just need to finish putting in all the stuff on my calendar. I have little time for rest throughout the month but it doesn’t bother me. However, I am a bit concerned that I’m not being kind to myself, and saying “being unkind is just a thought. Manage your thoughts and you can do it all.” Any insights?