MD Niche

Brooke, I am really trying to zero in on my niche, and wanted to run it by you. I want to work with High Net Worth Women who have been blindsided in a relationship. My former husband is a successful CEO, and he completely blindsided me with his leaving. I have had quite a few women reach out to me since this happened, and I feel as if I was able to help.

Is my niche too specific? Not specific enough? Should I use marriage instead of relationship? I had three teenage sons at the time, and I was very concerned about them as well. Should my niche include the mention of children or mothers?This work feels so important to me, yet of course it would as this happened to me. Do you think it’s a viable niche

SCS has helped me so much, and I am signed up for my call with Jody this month for Coach Training. I have never felt as aligned with anything as I am with this work, and I am ready to roll! The fabulous work you have put out into the world, feels as if it is lighting my path. IT. FEELS. WONDERFUL!
Thank you!