Membership drama

Hi, dear coach! I need some coaching to see what I don’t see here.  I have just started a membership program and I have a client from my previous course joining the membership in September. She didn’t renew her subscription in October so I took her off my platform and the private podcast. She came back to me pissed and frustrated that she didn’t have materials she paid for any longer.  So (after having some drama in my head) I explained to her what subscription means (of course I do that on my webpage as well) and that subscription doesn’t mean having access to my platform for a life time, but rather for 1 month. She said thank you. It was on Friday.

Now she is writing to me in the middle of the night saying that she still can’t let it go. That it is unfair and she is pissed (not with me but with herself). She is also asking me if she can rejoin the program (although I have the 6 month “you can’t rejoin my program” condition, but I don’t know if she is aware of it).

To give you the context – my membership is 50 dollars per month, so my first intention is just to give her money back and let her go with peace. I see how she is operating from scarcity (no judgement, I see it because that’s still my theme in many different areas). I am asking myself – What would all the amazing LCS coaches that have memberships do? And my answer is to not spend so much mental energy on it. And then I am like, right, so just give back the money (although there is absolutely no ground for that rather then her complaint that she was overwhelmed and unclear about all the materials and resources ).

I guess I also feel triggered because this person has been on my podcast, shared how much my course has changed her life, listened to every single episode…so I am blaming myself for making this connection personal.  OMG how do you just tell people: “You paid for this, you received this. No, you can’t enroll in my membership until the end of month 6.”  Please help!!!!!!