Membership or Course?

I was just listening to Brooke talk about offering results in the shortest amount of time. This is making me think that my offer (a membership to help new moms recover from birth and feel like themselves again) could be better as a course. I have the transformation part dialed in (results = more energy, less anxiety, better sleep, weight loss, support during this difficult time) but would a course with a higher price point but less time commitment be better suited? I can definitely deliver results in a 6 week period. My hesitation is that in a membership model I can provide the ongoing support for new things that come up, and continue to add value with new workshops on topics that my members want. My average member stays for 4 months, but I have had quite a lot of people stay for more than a year, but also quite a few cancel after one or two months. So it’s hard to tell which direction makes the most sense. What I do know is that I’m not making as much money as I want from it, and I’m not sure if I should be doubling down on my membership marketing efforts or if it’s time to pivot.