Membership Prelaunch

Hi. I pre-launched my membership site to my waitlist (80 women) this late Friday and only 3 joined. I offered them 50% off for life. The offer ends tonight but I’m starting to get terrible thoughts about my membership site. I don’t understand why they aren’t joining. They signed up to be on the waitlist and I’m giving them such a good deal, it should be a no brainer. I’m now thinking, if they don’t want to join, no one will want to join for the regular price. Yes, I didn’t do a webinar for them or sales emails, I just sent them a few email about it being open for them only and linked to my sales page (which I paid a copywriter to write for me). I’m starting to get really anxious about the launch and getting lots of negative feelings that it will fail. I don’t know what I should do?