Membership Site Before 100k

I know it’s recommended to create 100k with 1:1 offers. But as I was beginning my 2020 planning tonight, and looking at where I am for my 2019 goals- I’ve got a ways to go. Also, capping out at number of clients I can help (I’m 2 days a wk to work on my coaching business), I will be about 20k short of my yearly goal. I know that my ideal clients will be all over a membership site, but I’ve held off as I’ve been starting my business in order to constrain and grow as a coach. It’s also been so good for me to challenge my brain to find the clients that want 1:1 coaching instead of a membership. I had the idea tonight to create a beta launch of my site for January, even tho I’m only at 15k. Do I go for it or is this my brain chasing the next shiny object?