membership site vs 1:1

Hello! Thanks for this great course;) I would love your opinion about whether it’s better to dive into a membership program vs 1:1 if we know we ultimately want a membership program. I have done years of 1:1 coaching and even had group programs and a membership site. I went back to school to get my doctorate degree and have a baby, and had my business in maintenance mode during the last 18 months. I am ramping things back up again. I still have an engaged list (prior to my doctorate program and baby my open rate was 25-27%, but since I started blogging again and sending more updates I’m at 17% (hoping to increase that again). I have a chance to create programs from a new place, and I know I ultimately want my membership program up again, with a new approach (and I can’t wait to go to training in September to ramp it up!!!!). However, would it be best revenue-wise to go back to 1:1 to bring in more income then introduce the membership site a little later? Or just be patient and build the know-like-trust factor then launch the membership program after more time? Thanks again!