Might have to take a job as not earning enough

Hello amazing coaches!
So this week’s brain drama is all around the fact that even though I want to earn money from my business, I am not doing so as yet. In the meantime I have bills that I want to pay and I don’t have enough money to pay them.
The potential for a job has come up that would be working as an EA with digital marketing skills for a business coaching company. I’m all in with that, I mean seriously I get to work for a coaching business while I build my own business, how amazing would that be?
Except that my brain doesn’t think it would be amazing, it’s thinking of all the reasons why this would be a bad idea. the main one, the one with the hook that makes me inclined to believe is true is, “If you take this job you’ll never have a successful business of your own”.
I know this is a rubbish thought, thanks brain.
Also I’m totally up for having a job and also earning lots of money in my own time. I mean I can do whatever I want right? Also, look at all these amazing people in scholars who have full time jobs and then coach as well.
I have had a preliminary chat with the business founder and am going for an interview on Friday. It’s a great opportunity, so why am I think it isn’t? Is it just a primitive brain issue?
Thank you coaches with better behaved brains!