Military Obligations While Trying to Start a Coaching Practice

I’m in the military. I also want to start a coaching practice after my military obligations which could be some years down the road. I like the content of scholars and am looking to go to the next level through certification, and ultimately go on to coaching full time. I’m struggling with how to balance that time as I can’t just push off my duties to my military superiors and I am under contract therefore I just can’t walk away either (unless jail time is an acceptable consequence).

What can I do in order to kick start a coaching practice, but also balance it with my military work? Is there a way to still do 8-10 hours of work per week and still be successful (albeit on a smaller scale, not getting to the two comma club at 8-10 hours a week when starting out)? Looking for some guidance, coaching, and perhaps resources in order to make that possible. Thanks.