Mind drama about a decision to make for my work and my business

Hi Dazzling Coaches!
I am in CCP, certification day coming the 4th of October (so exciting!!)

I already have two paying coaching clients, one of them even enrolled for a full year of coaching after taking my twelve weeks program. I am very proud of myself and happy about this.

The thing is, I am also a singer, and I usually work with a lyric company from October to June every year. This allows me to earn enough money throughout the year thanks to the unemployment benefit system that exists in France for artists. I don’t want to work for the company anymore (the boss abuses his employees and some of them are already gone after being abused), but if I don’t work with this company, I might not be able to renew the unemployment benefit next year.

Currently, I know I can rely on this benefit until at least October 2022, which gets me a year to launch my coaching business from a place of abundance. But then I’m scared that my business won’t be strong enough to support me at the same level as the unemployment benefit.

If I decide to work with the company again, it will be a decision driven by scarcity thoughts (“If I don’t work with them, I will lose my benefit, and my coaching business might not be strong enough in October 2022 to support me and my family”) so I wouldn’t like my reasons to take this decision. At the same time, it seems like the “reasonable” thing to do.

I ran many models on this, but I would deeply appreciate your wisdom on this!
Thank you for your help