Mind drama about my new offer

I created a new offer and put it online last week. Since then, I’ve been noticing a lot of mind drama around it.

I did a thought download, here are some of the recurrent thoughts:

– This offer is not good enough (feeling shame about selling it)
– Anyway, people in my email list are not engaged enough
– Social media (and the algorithms) are useless
– Something is wrong with me
– Nobody is interested in buying from me anyway

I am obviously aware of the impact of these background thoughts on my result (Me showing up, being confident to sell my offer and people buying/not buying).

My question is about changing these thoughts.

How could I change these thoughts in a way that “convinces” my brain?

Do I need to work on my feelings and then come up with thoughts making me feel the feelings I want (confident in the value of my offer, determined to sell it) or should I go on massive action mode (marketing, showing up, sending the promo emails…) so that I feel confident no matter the result is?