Mind drama about niche

Hi Coaches
I am having mind drama when it comes to my niche and my copy.
I have an audience on IG, and since I often do healthy dessert recipes I have attracted a lot of people who struggle with their sweet tooth (I did a couple of polls and surveys that I got my audience to fill out). I know my audience struggles a lot with cravings as well. I have around 10 clients that I got from my audience, and only a few of them (4/10) struggle with sweets. This makes me feel confused about what I should do. If I should niche into weight loss for dessert lovers/sweet tooth and cravings in my copy. Or if I should just niche into cravings in general. Through niching into cravings in general, I feel like I’m missing the opportunity to write copy that is directed to sweet tooth lovers. But then through niching into sweet tooth lovers, my brain says that I’ll be leaving out all the others with general cravings. My brain also wants to say that if I had niched, I would have gotten 10 clients as most of my clients don’t really struggle with their sweet tooth. Please help!