Mind drama around offer

I’ve been a coach for the past 7 years but changed my niche drastically this past year (Feb. 2020) I was (am but only for my nonprofit) a dog trainer/coach (I train the dog but coach the people). I owned a six-figure business that I built from scratch and am a very good trainer and coach but did not like the niche I was in. I added life coaching to my dog training program in 2018 because I thought it was needed as I have to coach people to train their dogs for the dog training to be effective.

Last year after I sold my dog daycare I had a lot of mind drama because I was set on growing my business in person (in-person networking events, volunteer work, community work, etc. like I’ve always done) Then the pandemic hit a week after I started being a life coach without my dog daycare/training business, and fortunately, we have social media. Unfortunately, I had/have negative thoughts about social media. I’ve never used it, I’ve never liked it, and it put me in a standstill for a few months. I did videos, posts, but were all very surface and not inspiring. I never liked it because it opens me up to being bullied and I was bullied when I was younger. Since discovering that I’ve been able to go live every week since September and have gotten 3 consults since then and 1 paying client who I absolutely LOVE. She’s amazing and what I would consider my ideal client, she’s told me she feels supported, understood, and her life has already seen results from the time we’ve been working together.

My problem is I’m still not advertising my offer. I have such mind drama around it and can’t seem to make a decision (which typically isn’t like me, I’m very good at knowing what I want to do).

I would love to do group coaching because that’s what I’m good at and what I really love to do, I love being in a room (virtual or not) full of people and coaching everyone, I’m in my zone when I do that and I’m very good at it. I do love coaching 1:1 but have more mind drama about that. I’ve been told multiple times I need to do 1:1 until $100k. I want to listen to that advice but then I keep coming up with excuses like “I’m having a baby in August, how can I do 1:1 coaching when I’m having a baby? Group coaching would be *easier* while on maternity leave”. “I have two kids at home that I watch full time and only one is in school. I can only have 7-8 1:1 clients at a time with group coaching I can coach more people” “I’ve already been coaching people well over the $100k mark for over 7 years I should be able to start with a group program with this business” All of these thoughts prevent me from actually making a decision and I feel sassy when I say it (and not the good sassy like a dismissive sassy)

Ideally, I’d love to do a hybrid of the two. Have group coaching but also offer them all (that’s included in the offer) 1:1 sessions each week, either 20 or 30 mins.
I know there’s no “wrong” answer but I want to give my business the best chance possible to grow and I want to take Brooke’s advice to do 1:1 group coaching until I hit $100k but I also don’t want to because my brain thinks I have a good idea with the hybrid offer.

All in all, I haven’t made a decision. I don’t make real offers (just opened ended offers for 1:1 coaching with me at the end of a post or FB live) which results in me not making any money or scheduling any consults. I want to just make a decision that I love, and I have made a decision with offering the 1:1 but I don’t love what I’m offering so I don’t really tell people about it.

I’d love to be able to have an offer that I love so I can feel comfortable promoting it and offering it to people.