Mini, free session

I know part of the process of making an offer to potential clients in coaching is to sign them up for a free mini session with the intention of selling them on my coaching package. I have heard Brooke and others talk about this as part of the strategy for new coaches starting their business. After advertising on FB and posting in FB groups I have many people scheduled for free mini sessions with me in the next few weeks.

My question is I advertised these calls as “free 30 minute coaching sessions” but really they are sales calls. I am using the method outlined in Branson’s book Expert Secrets to convince potential clients of the value of signing up for one of my coaching packages. His method outlines that the sales pitch is not a time to get into teaching the principles of my expertise. I wonder what Brooke suggests as far as not being disingenuine in these calls if I am advertising them as “free coaching.” Should I be doing some coaching during these calls? My understanding is that the focus is less on actually coaching, and more of creating a sense of amazing value around my services so the potential client will sign-up. But I had one person email me after one of these sessions and say “I thought it was supposed to be free coaching.” I do not want to come across as being untrustworthy or dishonest if I promise one thing upfront, but then do something else over the call. How do you suggest these calls be structured? Thanks