Missed Feb revenue target, what to do next?

I have planned my revenue target for the year (starting from 10years and working backwards to 5y, 3y, 1y) down to each quarter and month. Each month’s target is different and I have based this decision on an educated guess that revenue won’t be linear (industry fluctuations, tax time, holidays, etc .).

I have now missed my Feb target and find myself having thoughts & feelings about this, which I am letting myself experience, try not to escape from and also actively manage so I can be intentional in my mindset, reframe the experience so I can learn from it, and not go into a self-doubt spiral.

The question I have is, what now?

Do I add this to the March target or leave it out entirely? I understand it’s my choice to decide whether I up my March target or distribute it throughout the year and there is no right or wrong choice, only my thoughts about whichever choice I make. I guess I am asking, do I move on and consider the month revenue “lost”? Won’t that automatically make me “fail” at the yearly revenue target? Therefore leading to thoughts of “I HAVE to make up the money one way or another” which is a thought generating fear and inadequacy and pressure, which are not helpful emotions to fuel my actions.

I can see I am looking for the answer outside of myself, and although I see the behaviour I can’t seem to stop it! 🙂 please help!

The same conundrum comes up for me when I schedule something during MH1 and then I do not accomplish the result, I let myself/skip the task entirely for whatever reason.

Do I stretch the time to get it done (thus taking time away from the next task) or consider it lost and move on? I can also see that my thought “taking time away from the next task” comes from scarcity and is not doing me any favours…

I guess the common theme in both of those scenario is that I believe have awareness of what is going on in my brain, and I understand I get to decide what to think and what action to take… but part of me still looks for the “how to” and for the answer outside of myself!