MLM and other people’s models.

I’m in network marketing- I love the product we have. I really do. I understand the compensation plan and understand how no one is getting “screwed.” I can make more than the person who signed me up, etc. in fact, I do.

So my problem is: I keep coming into contact with people who HATE MLMs. So, really- I guess the problem is, I’m letting it affect me. It gets frustrating though when you encounter the 16th social media post of the day speaking negatively over MLM companies.

I do not want to allow someone else’s model to effect me. But how can I do this when it really is the majority observation in my feed ? Ugh. Then I’ve engaged in (gasp) defending the industry and trying to educate them (in a nice way) but to no avail. That was a waste of energy. So I feel confused on what to do. I find I don’t want to work my business because in my head I think of all these negative comments (and I promise I don’t try to! I wake up ready for a new day – and BOOM! I see yet another BASH on network marketing).

Help! What do I do? This isn’t serving me whatsoever.