Model Clarity; confusion

I’m fairly new to Scholars & I’m working on developing a better understanding of the R line of the model. At first, I thought it had to tie back to the T line – prove it true – but I was taking that to the extreme in thinking it needed to mirror it basically exactly in wording. Through listening to some of the live coaching calls, and writing in here, I think I’m coming to understand that it doesn’t have to repeat the thought exactly, it will just be in the same family, and yes prove the though true but necessarily in the exact same way as the thought. I think this is a helpful realization, but I want to be sure I’m on the right track. Could you please look at these unintentional models lmk what you think?

C – Writing first chapter of book on schedule for today
T – I’m still confused on how to break up the chapters & how long they should be.
F – Confused
A – Feel resistance to starting, Muddy thinking, Don’t bother starting, procrastinate, or force myself to start but with resistance. Unable to think clearly.
R – Resist feelings, be confused & let that hamper decisive action.

C – Writing first chapter of book on schedule for today
T – I’m not sure I chose the best chapter layout.
F – Doubt
A – Spin in thoughts on doubt and confusion, Muddy thinking, Unhelpful spinning thoughts take up space think and write. Second guess self. Waste time and energy
R – Uncertain that I picked the right option, More likely I won’t do as good of work so less of a chance of feeling confident that I did chose well