model feedback: apprehensive vs resilient

Circumstance: Started a life coach business.
Thought: Maybe I can’t succeed.
Feeling: Apprehensive.
Action: Avoid working on business. Constantly question myself. Don’t jump up and start again when I get failures.
Result: Create evidence that I can’t succeed.


C Started a life coaching business.
T All I have to do to get success is keep going at it even when I fail.
F Resilient
A Brainstorm and take action on business. Shake it off and get started again when I fail. Don’t take it personally when things I try don’t work.
R I keep going even when I fail, setting myself up for success.

I’ve honestly been feeling pretty good, but my brain does keep offering me thoughts like “there are so many coaches, how can I create something unique that stands out” and “so many people are ahead of me”. I just kind of let them be there and focus on intentionally choosing all the thoughts that support the inevitability of my success and help me embrace where I am in the process.

I think there’s still a little fear that maybe things won’t be okay (as if I’m kidding myself about all of it, not just the business — that maybe there’s not enough time, and I won’t lose the weight, and things won’t be okay, and things will crash down around me), and that feels like a little whispy, not-solid energy in my chest. I suppose I’m learning to believe that everything is going to be okay, and I’m just not all the way there yet.