Model Feedback on $0 Earnings and Success

Feedback please.

C- Coaching business has earned $0 from April 2020 thru today.
T- My business is not successful because it’s not making any money.
F- Discouraged
A- Go back to taking indirect/non-income generating actions like working on website copy and writing quick newsletter emails; Stop reaching out to leads on LinkedIn; Don’t find out how to add more value, Don’t take responsibility for my business success; Focus more time and energy on my other lower-paying non-coaching job; Stop creating business goals; Make connection calls (leads and prospects) less and less; Don’t invite anyone to have a powerful coaching experience with me for weeks and weeks or months on end
R- I don’t take responsibility for the success of my business. I give up on myself & my business.

C- Coaching business has earned $0 from April 2020 thru today.
T- I’m wasting my time.
F- Aggravated
A- Blame my part-time job for taking up my time so I can’t focus on income actions; Blame prospects for saying no on consults; Blame the universe for drawing me to the wrong people aka low-quality leads; Show up to adult interactions at work with crunchy attitude (some colleagues know I have a coaching business so this attitude reflects poorly on my biz too); Passive aggressive tone when people ask to schedule a meeting with me
R- I don’t take ownership of my time. I don’t take responsibility for my results.

C- Coaching business has earned $0 from April 2020 thru today.
T- It is my job to create my clients.
F- Determination
A- I no longer blame: I just course correct; I stay with a strategy long enough to determine what’s working what doesn’t and make changes from my prefrontal cortex; I keep my connection calls schedule; I increase my connection calls schedule; I interact with people from a place of power and service by generating the thoughts and feelings before the outreach actions I take; I invite more people to coaching conversations; I actively seek out people I know are thirsty in the desert or people who know others who are and I make offers to them; I don’t personalize what feels like rejection; I manage my mind when discouragement arises.
R- I create my desired financial and business results over and over and over again.