Model about very first business offering! (moved from the regular Ask Brooke area per your request!)

Hello Brooke!
I’ve been in scholars since November and am so grateful for what’s already happened in my life:
*I’ve lost 19 pounds and I am CERTAIN I will reach my goal weight and stay there for the rest of my life (!!??!!??!!) (Shout out to Pat’s amazing tutoring in November on my protocol)
*My fiance and I are deepening our relationship through your work–he loves you too! (He is an entrepreneur with his own business and he loves your business stuff!)
*I’ve made a decision to become a life coach through your training program and retire after 25 years of teaching (AHHHH so excited!)
*I’ve made my impossible goal of 2018 to create money to pay for my coach training above and beyond my teacher salary. (Shout out to Janet’s mind-blowing tutoring in December for my impossible goal)
My question today is about my impossible goal and my first epic fail. I decided to create a workshop to help women over 40 have a more positive and successful online dating experience. My first step was to decide when/where to hold it, how much to charge and to advertise it. Did all of that 2 weeks ago. I’ve posted the workshop on my personal FB page, my business page, as well as emailing all of my friends who might know someone interested in attending (it is a face-to-face workshop). So far, no one has enrolled. (My specific “epic fail” goal is that I will offer this workshop and that it will fill to capacity — 12 women enrolled). The workshop is January 28th. So far, no one has enrolled. Every day I look at the page and see 0/12 enrolled. Yesterday I did a thought download on this as it clearly isn’t working so far! (Ya think?) Here are my 2 models:
C 0/12 enrolled in my workshop
T I need to change my niche; no one is interested; this isn’t working
F anxious, fear, embarrassment, confusion, indecision
A negative thought spiral; buffering by being on social media way too long and not getting work done
R I haven’t done any more work on the class to actually create it. I haven’t offered any results ahead of time, so no one has enrolled.
C 0/12 enrolled in my class
T I wonder who the 12 women will be? I can’t wait to meet them and help them. This is going to be so fun!
F curiosity, anticipation, excitement
A Work on the class; write the outline, make the first handout, write and share a blog post about the first part of the class
R Preparing for the workshop; learning and growing as I work on the details of the curriculum; way more hopeful that I’ll actually have this very first class for my brand new business as a dating coach.
I was amazed as I did the Intential Model that I actually felt those feelings.
I have 3 questions. 1 are my models right? This is my first submission of a model to you!
2 how do I make sure I continue to have the intential thoughts and feelings and actions and results?
3 Is providing valuable content on my blog and FB business page “providing results ahead of time”? If not, can you help me understand how to better do that?
Thank you SO MUCH!