Model for Client Waiting List

I made an intentional model (from my future self) starting w the R: My coaching waiting list is overflowing. I went up and filled it out as follows:

C: My 100k business
T: I am a phenomenal life coach
F: Trust
A: Step into my power during sessions-value the client’s feelings more than my own, “I am a truth seeker,” risk relationship to tell the truth, I honor my commitments, I am self coaching and getting coached, practicing my tools over and over and filling the gaps in my knowledge, failing often, neutral in sessions, thinking of my client and her thoughts during our session, I tell her what no one else in her life will, I genuinely want the best for my client and believe 100% she is worthy and capable, I am prepared for every session tangibly and intangibly, finding evidence for why I’m an amazing coach, increasing my belief in myself, my skills and my clients
R: my coaching waiting list is overflowing

I chose the thought that made me feel trust. The result is specifically about my waiting list yet my thought is about myself generally as a coach. Should my thought be more geared towards my clients or my list? So as to prove it in my R line? Hope this makes sense! Thanks.