Model help

I just got 6 minutes of my private coaching because I messed the time up but in the 6 minutes, I told my coach I am working on my offer for my life coaching business. I was telling my coach I want to work with stay at home moms and help them find the confidence to start their own businesses and have something for “them” after kids.

I immediately said, “stay at home moms won’t have the money to pay me to help them do this.” My feeling is then frustration/sadness because I want them to see their value and their worth. So all in all I am trying to come up with an offer to help women find confidence but that is so vague to me.

As a female who quit her job to start her business, I wish I would have had a coach when I started to help me get through all the drama before I jumped in. I want to do that for other women. Part of me thinks I want to work with moms because I am one and feel “experienced” enough to work with them but the other part of me knows I have a lot to offer women who are already in the business world.

I feel like I am getting jumbled up and am allowing “confusion” to prevent me from stepping out with any offer.

What could my C line be?