Model Help – Growing Business

Hi, I have an unintentional model regarding growing my business and taking action in it everyday.

C: Growing my business
T: Need to be sure I get things done today to move the needle (grow in # of clients, give value, make $)
F: anxious
A: Do things out of fear and anxiety, get in a ‘bad’ mood, I don’t feel enough, focusing on myself and not on my audience and potential clients for how I can help them
R: Don’t enjoy the process

My intentional model is to shift and enjoy or at least not dread the process:

C: growing my business
T: How can I serve?
F: Curious
A: brainstorm value to give, post on IG
R: Enjoy the process of creating and growing this business

The R in both models feels off, but the result I do want to produce is for the process to be easy or (and dare I say) enjoy the entrepreneurial journey.