Model help – pricing

I’m noticing that I have lots of drama around my pricing…. If I think the client can “afford it” then I immediately second guess my pricing and think its too low. If I think that they have a tight budget, then I think that I’ve overpriced it. Nothing has changed in this scenario – the service is the same, its just the thought about whether I think they have $$ to spend or not. It’s hilarious the gymnastics my brain is doing…

C: New client agrees to $2500 package
T: I didn’t charge enough
F: shame
A: ruminate in my pricing structure
R: Feel like “I left money on the table”

C: New client agrees to $2500 package
T: Hell yeah, I nailed the pitch!
F: pride
A: send follow up email immediately and contract without any hesitation
R: Enjoy the moment of gaining a new client

I feel like something is missing here…. Any suggestions?