Model help

I’d appreciate some help with these models. As simple as it may be I don’t think its matching up. And even though I’m aware I’m still not making the necessary changes to get the result I want and then I have self defeating thoughts which seems to making it deeper and deeper from climbing out of. I can’t seem to get past the fear that is causing me to stay stuck and not move forward on business.

C – skip business work (whatever that is)
T – I don’t even know who I’m talking to
F – anxious ? Fear? Confused ? (I’m not even sure but they all feel like a light buzz of anxiety)
A – eat ice cream & other things I know I shouldn’t eat, saw friends for the first time even though I planned work (which is actually no plan)
R – I don’t have a business

C – the week(s) went by and did not work on business
T – I have no idea what my business actually is and who I serve or what I do
F – Anxious/overwhelmed
A – I don’t work on business and eat things i shouldn’t eat
R – I do not have a business and make no money

This model is a model I’m toying on making a decision. I know there are no wrong decisions except I don’t want to waste more money on a course that I may not need.   Although it’s when I have a course that gives me momentum and drive move forward and maybe this course will be a missed opportunity and if I don’t take it I will be in the same boat 3 months from now where as this looks like a great course. I just got some money and I notice a trend that as soon as I have money I spend it on things like this. That is driving me crazy because in one instance I know this person and he is awesome but on another I’ve been through so many other courses but yet I’m still not clear on my messaging. I’m not looking for the perfect niche, just consultation with an expert and maybe this would be good. I don’t know.  I’m so torn up.

C – I received an email about an intimate group live class 2x a week for 6 weeks on simple clear messaging for health coaches
T – Is this the opportunity that came at the perfect time or is this my ego driving me crazy when I have everything I need already but not acting on it
F – confused/anxious
A – Stay in indecision until the last day I can get in and have more thoughts: I keep wondering if I really need this or this will be in fact the thing that will help me get my a$# in gear!! Will it help me or make me more confused with ideas on consult with him or others on what I don’t want OR do I really have everything I really need already inside me and I’m just afraid.
R – ?? I will either make it the opportunity or not

I guess all in all I’m sitting in fear and it’s keeping me stuck. What can I do to override this?