Model Practice and Accountability

Hey Brooke! I’ve been a scholar since end of April 2017 and I find myself checking out sometimes, and I want to make sure I’m keeping up my model skills. I’m pumped for 2018. My resolution for this year is to be consistent with posting a weekly video and accompanying blog post. I’ve got a video recording scheduled for noon today, and I did a model on one of my thoughts.
Here’s my models from this morning:
C Video planned for noon
T People like planned and professional videos (and mine are not)
F Disappointed
A Buffer with social media/ SCS videos
R No video, no practice, no planning, me acting unprofessional

C Video planned for noon
T I’m learning how to plan and make professional videos
F Committed
A Plan for the video and follow through
R Get better at planning, being professional by showing up no matter what

Unintentional: (People like planned and professional videos, so what am I making that mean?)
C Video planned for noon
T They will not like me
F Disappointed
A Don’t make a video
R No video made, failed ahead of time, don’t like myself

C Video planned for noon
T People might not like it or me and that’s okay
F Committed
A Make the video no matter what
R I like me, learn how to follow through and be willing to feel my feelings

Any feedback? I am going to practice these thoughts, sign off of here and finish my planning right now!