Monday Hour 1 Future, Change, Relationships

I am new to Monday hour one and have a couple of questions.

1. If there is something you plan to do, you know it will be this year (but maybe not with in the next couple of weeks) e.g create new website, would you put this on your calendar – make a wild guess just to get it out of your head, so you can throw the paper list away? I feel like I may end up keeping moving it? What do you recommend in these situations?

2. My Partner is terrible at time keeping and hates committing to specific times and rarely sticks to them. We both work from home and work for ourselves, we do a lot of things together. I am now realising because we do things together each day, I need a plan to tackle these challenges, I need to know timings or at least get him to stick to timings so I can plan my Monday hour 1, he is really struggling to commit to what time we will do these activities. e.g we almost always walk the dog together AM and PM, he cooks every night and we eat together, we have a home gym so I need to schedule around when he will not be using the gym, its making it really tricky as I would like to continue to do these things together, but I’m not sure how to stick to my schedule without disrupting his life, but at the same time I need to prioritise myself.

3.My business is quite erratic, I go from lots of work to no work and every project is really different from one to the next, so very often I have no idea how long something will take as I’ve never done it before. I set a job rate and have a deadline and off I go. I divide my time up with in the amount of days that I have allocated for the job, but its guess work really, what happens in those days varies greatly because often I am making something new, using a new technique or process (I have been doing my job for 9 years- so I can have a rough idea with most jobs- but it is very rough!) So I am finding it tricky as my schedule keeps shifting because its guess work really.

thanks for your help !