Monday Hour One

I feel like I’m overthinking Monday Hour One.
I have a full time job as a nurse anesthetist and I’m building my digital course and coaching business with the goal of going part time in anesthesia within a year.
My issue is that on four days of the week– the 4 weekdays vary every week– I work 10 hour shifts in anesthesia from 6am-4:30 pm (or later depending on our staffing). I have no control over what time I leave work and I also don’t have “free time” at work other than a 20 minute morning break and a 40 minute lunch break. I wake up at 5am on the days I go to work. So if I had a Monday Hour One- I would need to wake up at 4am on Mondays before going to work- which I don’t think is feasible. And with 2 hour focus time- where would this fall? I commute about 30 minutes and usually am home by 6, spend 6-8pm with my husband and daughter then have an hour to get ready for the next work day.
I currently work on my personal business on my one weekday off, and Saturdays and Sundays (i.e. the only days I don’t have to work my anesthesia job).
I’m conflicted on how to practice Monday Hour One and Friday Hour Done with my schedule. Is it ok to do the Hour One on Saturday morning to plan for my week, then Focus Time afterward and Sunday morning Focus Time? I could do the Hour Done on Sunday evening.
I hope the question makes sense.