Monday hour one and stuck.

I keep trying to do MHO and repeatedly have trouble with Wed / Thursday. There are important tasks to do that are scheduled on those days, and I routinely fail to do them or finish them. As a result, the work bleeds into my family / personal time.

If I allow this to happen, should I…

a. Accept the consequences of my choices and keep going with the rest of my calendar as planned. Even if that means doing a bunch of fun stuff when I didn’t finish my work.
b. Do my work no matter what.

C.Blog post due on Wednesday.
T. I’m going to get this post out no matter what.
F. Determined
A. Cancel other things on the calendar to work on post.
R. Blog post is done, but I have not honored my calendar

C. Blog post due on Wednesday
T. I’m not going to sabotage the rest of my week to get this done
F. Regret
A. Make a better choice next Wednesday
R. Honor my calendar

Alternative thoughts or perspective would be much appreciated.