I find that I am burned out, overwhelmed, have been and continue to get sick and feel uneasy and avoiding to return. I see that many in our company are too and I want to exercise mastery over my thoughts, my choices and options and by doing it right, sharing this as a new philosophy in our culture. In taking MONDAY HOUR ONE I am learning SO much! I want to share this with my team, however I need to solidify in some respects and I need your help in gaining clarity and “muscle.”

After I put in the recommended “non-negotiable first (food, sleep, small breaks, travel time, self care and family time) I find that the time left is quite limited to my 50 hour work week. I know we are only supposed to be focusing one major project at a time and give it a timeline and shoot for B- being the perfectionist that I am. Within this realm are my questions:
1. If I want my team to give their best, how is turning in B- work a good example?
2. I think a 50 hour work week is a lot for a standard minimum but find it that being that we are solidifying from startup to growth, that may be necessary. How do we evaluate this efficiency and choose a proper range for salary employees?
3. How should a work schedule look like when you have to be flexible with other teams and be accessible yet you want to honor the time you are putting down on the calendar.

I am also curious in learning how our teacher today (Tyler) is able to direct so many groups, programs, and projects in 40 hour weeks and still have outside clients/work?! I am mesmerized and feel quite limited in my understanding. I early await your response. This is an INCREDIBLE product and program, THANK YOU BROOKE AND TEAM!!!