Monday Hour One/ Do Goals/ Constraint

Hi there,

After listening to listening to the constraint, priorities, and Do Goals podcast episodes, I started adding tasks to my calendar ahead of time. Then, I joined Scholars on Friday and went through the whole Monday Hour One course this weekend. I’ve entered everything into my calendar following the guidelines. It went so well on Monday, then yesterday I didn’t complete everything. So my question is – what do I do when I don’t complete all the tasks that I’ve assigned for the day?

I have been using Michael Hyatt’s Big 3 full focus planner since January this year. I have always hesitated to schedule my daily big 3 ahead of time because if when I have done so and don’t complete the tasks as planned, I tend to move them to the next day. This makes too long a list for that day and as a result, I would either not accomplish everything, self sabotage, or get overwhelmed and not not any of it.

I’m intending to get better at sticking to my word and finishing the tasks I assign, rather than going to overwhelm but I don’t seem to be there yet.

I want to create good habits through this learning period.

Thank you for your guidance!